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BoyWiki Dictionary: Entrapment (dictionary)

Entrapment (from the verb "to entrap") occurs when a law enforcement officer "traps" (or "entices") someone into committing an offense, perhaps an offense they would not normally commit. The U.S. Supreme Court has encouraged the use of entrapment by law enforcement officers by tightly defining the term and excluding activity that a normal person would consider to be entrapment.

Entrapment is often used to apprehend (suspected) "pedophiles" and BoyLovers. Entrapment may take many forms, from a law enforcement officer portraying him/herself as an under-aged minor in a chat room, to a U.S. Postal inspections agent delivering illegal materials (such as magazines containing nudity or explicit sexual activity involving a minor) to an unsuspecting BoyLover.

Claiming "entrapment" is rarely successful as a defense to criminal charges faced by BoyLovers.

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