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Facebook is an online social networking service that prohibits convicted sex offenders from using the site.[1] The site's leader, Mark Zuckerberg, was briefly signed up for a NAMBLA group on Facebook.[2] Currently, NAMBLA's URLs are blacklisted from being posted to Facebook, and Facebook purges any groups claiming to be NAMBLA-affiliated.[3] When

Facebook notes, "Once we're able to verify someone's status as a sex offender, we immediately disable their account and remove all the information associated with it from Facebook."[4] After the takedown of one such account, a user noted, "I just went through my old IMs and they deleted all [his] messages to me but left my messages in reply to what he wrote. Instead of what was originally said each bubble says something in the effect to 'this message has been reported as offensive or spam.'"


Links to nambla.org are censored from being posted to Facebook, as are tinyurl links that lead to nambla.org. Pro-pedophilia content and even some content neutral to pedophilia (such as Pedobear's making light of the issue) are also censored. For example, attempting to post an image of Pedobear can result in one's image posting rights being suspended. Anti-pedophilia content and groups are allowed, however.

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