Facultative homosexuality (dictionary)

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BoyWiki Dictionary: Facultative homosexuality

¹ a male whose sexual orientation is predominantly heterosexual but who may engage in homosexual encounters for sexual pleasure, or profit and without a romantic emotional component, often in instances where a member of the opposite sex is unavailable such as in a prison setting.

² a predominantly heterosexual male who engages in homosexual sex strictly for sexual release.

Facultative Homosexuality describes a man or boy who lies more towards the heterosexual side of the sexual continuum. A person who is predominantly heterosexual but who does have some same-sex desire and who engages in homosexual sex, typically while in a sex-segregated, all male community such as the priesthood, a boy at an all male boarding school, as well as heterosexuals who work in the gay porn industry or male escort services, but most frequently it is used to describe same-sex sexual behavior in prison (situational homosexuality). It may also be used to describe a married man who engages in extramarital sexual encounters with other men or intramarital same-sex group sexual encounters (threesome) and other similar sexual behavior where two males are involved. The same-sex physical activity may be engaged in only for sexual pleasure, or for power, control, or money and without having any emotional connection or only having a superficial non-romantic emotional connection to their sexual partner. Facultative homosexuality differs from homosexuality and bisexuality and other sexual orientations in that the person involved lacks the capacity to form same-sex emotional romantic attachments. In other words, it is simply for sexual gratification and sexual release and therefore a man who engages in facultative homosexuality while in prison, once released, would typically return to his more normative sexual practices with a member of the opposite sex.

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