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Frottage refers to the (relatively rare) practice of secretly rubbing against the clothed body of another person in a crowd, on a bus, etc. as a means of obtaining sexual gratification. The one who performs the "frottage" will usually later masturbate to the memories of the experience. Frottage is included in the psychiatrist's "bible," the DSM, as a paraphilia.

The vast majority of the incidences of frottage involve a heterosexual male adult, with the target being either a mature, or an adolescent, female.

Boylovers, given the horrible persecution they face in society, may sometimes resort to this practice when in a crowded situation involving boys. Boys may feel confused, or sometimes angry, when subject to frottage, but they only rarely feel afraid.

When BoyLove is finally normalized in society, then the little frottage that involves BoyLovers will virtually cease to exist.

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