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Gérard Marot (1946- ) is a French photographer of the late 1970s and 1980s that specialized in images of boys.

Marot's work is artistic and aesthetically refined. He is fascinated with the patterns of light and shadows and often arranges his subjects (boys from about 8 to 14) in incongruous settings, industrial backgrounds, drapes and brocades and other esoteric fancies, while his boy nudes reject the hygienic, athletic, familial, folk and indifferent nudity found in ordinary pictures.(1)

His published works include Les P'tits mecs (1978), Anatomie du Dormeur (1982) which featured mostly sleeping boys, Collages (1983) mixed media photography, Gymnopédie (1984) a study of boy nudes with texts in English and French and Le Fils d'Ariane (1985).


(1) L'espoir No. 13 (May-June 1984): 37-38.


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