Gerald P. Jones

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Gerald P. Jones (retired) was a professor at U.C.L.A. in Los Angeles, and published a number of articles about pedophilia and BoyLove.

He was persecuted by the police for his writings and his personal beliefs.

Last December 17th [1979] Gerald Jones, a teacher with a master's degree in Educational Psychology, was visited by the Los Angeles police wanting to search his apartment. Jones was well known to the authorities as one of the rare out-of-the-closet paedophiles and had written articles under his own name for both Better Life Monthly and Hermes. Jones refused but the next noon the police were back with a warrant from a Los Angeles judge claiming he was "a registered sex offender", that he had been seen in the company of many young boys and that he was suspected of being involved in child pornography. As a teacher and member of Big Brothers of America, his association with minors was not surprising. The police took away photos, porno magazines, personal correspondence, cameras, books, even copies of PAN Magazine. After that Gerald Jones heard no more from them directly.
Except for wrecking Gerald Jones's professional and social life, the investigation seems to have been a failure. No charges were brought against him. Through his lawyer he petitioned the court for return of the items confiscated by the police, and last March the police voluntarily brought them all back.
Source of the above: Pan: A Magazine about Boy-Love, Number 5, May, 1980, p.29

Dr Jones maintains an excellent website where a number of important resources are made available on line. has reproduced some of his works, which may be found by searching the Ipce site.