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Growing Up Sexually - World Reference Atlas An excellent resource to understand how young people grow up and learn about sex in countries around the world. What do they think about sex? What kind of sex play do they get involved in? These topics, and more, are covered in this four-part work.

Diederik F. Janssen, MD

Nijmegen NL
Growing Up Sexually
World Reference Atlas
The Scripting of Sexual Development

The following four-part work represents a survey of anthropological literature.
It is copyrighted to the author D. F. Janssen who is solely responsible for its content.
Copyright 2003 D. F. Janssen.

The following pages show the work in the original format prepared by the author himself.

The Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology is presenting the work here in the interest of scientific information and communication.


Growing Up Sexually
World Reference Atlas
The Scripting of Sexual Development

Project “Growing Up Sexually”, or “GUS”, (born January 2002) is a slowly meandering effort to “read” developmental sexualities, that is, to identify, archive and notify of publications informative of processes commonly addressed as “sexual development”. From the start, this project has been “archival” by all means. The project is entirely web-situated and web-operative, and this will be the way to go in future time. Thus, it serves as an open door for those pre-/per-/post-/non-academically occupied with the theme in all its diversity (see below). Its existence currently also is entirely non-budget and enlarges in an air of spontaneity and personal commitment only. The backbone materials are currently and kindly hosted by Prof. Dr. Dr. Erwin J. Haeberle’s Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology. The project’s homepage is Needless to say I am much indepted by the kind hospitality of my host, Prof. Dr. Dr. Erwin J. Haeberle, and his associates.

In a sexological centralising of chronologies, a score of questions present themselves (Janssen, forthcoming)[2]. In GUS I like to look at how curricula construct and control sexual/erotic/pleasure bodies in a chronological/sequentially hierarchical regime. In which way are curricula presented as necessity and how are (necessary) curricula subverted and transgressed? For instance, how are bodies reduced to curricula, thus governed or disciplined by them? Also, how does curriculum figure as a contemporary paradigm for societal control of stratified bodies? What are curricula made of? How do curricula re/produce and precede self-disciplining bodies? In terms of genealogy, how are curricula retained and reinvented historically (e.g., from taboo to discourse)? How are biological ramifications of pre/adolescent bodies regimented, hijacked and recruited in/through curricula? In answering these questions, we need to address hegemonic and historical discourses about pleasure as taught, educated, learned; as sex play vs first/serious sex (notionally, rehearsive vs real sex) and familiar curricular ideas about sexual derivation, inauguration, substitution, seduction. Thus, we might be better able to ramify instances of culture critique on issues of precocity (e.g., ‘sexualization’ and sexualized media coverage) and its pedagogization. So there is anthropological well as political utility in an effort to try and digest materials as a field (rather than an instrumental dimension). For instance, might there be merit in a critical humanistic approach to sexual auto/biographies (a defense is found in Plummer, 2001)[3]?.

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