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Harris Mirkin is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Missouri–Kansas City who wrote the controversial 1999 academic article "The Pattern of Sexual Politics". In it Mirkin describes pedophilia a Phase I topic, comparing the position of pedophiles in today's society with that of homosexuals before.
He compares the way pedophilia is viewed today (1999) to the way homosexuality and female sexuality were viewed long ago - topics fraught with moral panic.

He argues against the idea of a child as an innocent, asexual being. Enraged, the Missouri Legislature voted to cut $100,000 from his University because they didn't want to support such "perversity". [1] Mirkin has been radically misinterpreted by his *friends* as well as his enemies. He did not advocate change. He described reality.

What is a phase I topic?

A phase I topic, by definition, cannot be rationally discussed by society in general. Some within society may be able to do this, it can often be done in academia and by scientists, but, in general, the topic itself is taboo, and the only public expression, outside of academia, that is possible, must be accompanied by what might as well be ritual expressions of horror and disgust, and if you say anything offending the entrenched sensibilities, without that ritual expression, you are a "disgusting pedophile apologist" and may also be attacked.

Later interviews

In a later talk, reflects on his fantasy as a 12 -year-old delivery boy, wishing that he had been seduced by a female customer, and wondering "whether it would have been so bad had it come true". However, he also believes that incest and rape are always wrong, and that priests and teachers who touch children were abusing their authority. The response from Republican Don Lograsso? "Sex between adults and children is not acceptable." This particular issue is distasteful. I don't even like to think about it, said Ms. Gillilan[2]


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