Heterosexuals, homosexuals, ephebopiles, hebephiles, -- and pedophiles

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The terms heterosexual, homosexual, ephebophile, hebephile, and pedophile are all very impressive words to most people! So, then, it seems that the scientists have finally figured out all there is to know about everything, including human sexuality and human behavior, right?


Those words are just made-up words, created to fool the public into thinking that psychology and psychiatry are real "sciences," like geography, mathematics, medicine, etc. are real sciences.

The 17th century

In the 17th century, Western science was founded. Astronomers began to catalog their observations. Chemists (who were actually searching for a way to transmute lead into gold -- the two elements were almost identical -- but not quite... How to turn cheap lead into expensive gold was their goal!) began to discover all kinds of interesting properties about things. Botanists, too, began to discover similarities among plants, and biologists among animals.

And, of course, to put some order into their new discoveries, they started to put their specimens into little boxes, classifying and labeling the boxes with strange Latin names.

The 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries

Well, classifying and labeling things became "the craze". Label and classify everything, then you can claim that you somehow "understand" whatever it is. And so the people who claimed to be specialists in "the science of the mind" -- the psychologists and psychiatrists -- began in the 19th century to put labels on things, too. And to classify people, and put labels on them. They began giving fancy names to what they thought to be their (alleged) discoveries about individual human behaviors and qualities. That was right and proper, wasn't it?


Real scientists

The real scientists were dealing with things that could be observed, measured, compared, contrasted, held up to the light, and examined microscopically -- and then they formulated theories that could then be proved (or disproved) by careful experiments.


The psychologists and the psychiatrists? Well, what they were doing was actually not the same thing at all.

Except that, yes, they would "create theories" -- but out of thin air. Would they then try to confirm their "theories" in the real world? No. They would just assume that their theories were correct, and then go on to treat their (poor, unfortunate, innocent, and trusting) patients according to their pet "theories". Millions of people have suffered at the hand of these charlatans.

Of course, the real scientists just laughed at them (and many still do)

The rise in power of the pseudo-scientific "psych experts"

But, because the (usually completely false and totally unfounded) "theories" of these so-called "doctors of the mind" seemed somehow to be "reasonable" to many people (and were good for business, too!) the psychologists and psychiatrists became more and more influential (and richer!).

Classifying oneself, sexually

So which box do you fit in? Are you a heterosexual, a homosexual, an ephebopile, a hebephile, or a pedophile? The truth is, the question itself is a very foolish one, since none of those "labels" are really very meaningful. Human sexuality is much too complex a thing to be classified in such simple terms.

It's like the Greeks simplistically classifying everything into four categories, earth, water, air, and fire. Or like Hippocrates describing the "four human temperaments," choleric, melancholic, sanguine, and phlegmatic. Or like the Chinese classifications of "yin" and "yang".

The truth about human sexuality

I'll tell you which classification you really belong to. You belong to the class called "human beings". And human beings are a class of creatures capable of any (or all) kinds of sexual behavior!

It's the nature of the beast, you could say.

So the next time you think to allow others (so-called "mental health professionals") to put you into a little box with a fancy Latin (or Greek) name on it, think again!

Because the fact is, heterosexual men can (and do) have sex with other men, and homosexual men can (and do) have sex with women.

And "children" (that's another little box that young people are now put into) can (and do) have sex with "adults" (that's yet another little box). And vice versa.

That is exactly what nature intended for us to do. We are all omnisexual -- and that is the box that we really belong in, if you must have a box to put us in!

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