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The Chinese have a long history of enjoying and promoting pederastic sexual activity between men and boys.


(Taken from French BoyWiki. References needed!!)

6th Century BCE

Gong Wei and Wang Qi

2nd Century BCE

Emperor Gaozu of Han and Jiri The first emperor of the Han dynasty.

Sixth Century

Yu Xin (513 – 581) and Wang Shao

Eighth Century

One of the greatest Chinese poets, Li Bai or Li Tai Po, who lived from 701 to 762, He used his fortune for beautiful adolescents that he pulled from poverty.

Fourteenth Century

The Mongol Emperor Togoontomor from the Yuan dynasty had a favorite youth, Ha-ma.

Eightheenth Century

According to the British John Barrow, Secretary of the Macartney mission in 1793:

The commission of this detestable and unnatural act is attended to with so little sense of shame, or feeling of delicacy, that many first officers of state seemed to make no hesitation in publicly avowing it. Each of these officers is attended to by his pipe-bearer, who is generally a handsome boy, from fourteen to eighteen years of age, and is always well dressed. Template:Book Ref

Pederastic marriages in Fujian

Famous Chinese Boylovers

Boylove in modern China

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