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These cards were created by Scruffy Lad starting in December of 1998 as his tribute to International Boylove Day and his gift to the Boylove community. They were first displayed at IBLD.Net and Etenne's IBLD Website (1999 - 2003). The original drawings were done in color pencil on paper. The whereabouts of only one of the original drawings
(Ho Ho Ho, Boys) is currently known. However, at least 21 of the artist's original computer printouts are known to still exist, including two unfinished works from 2003 (not shown). All of them are unsigned. These works are being carefully preserved by the BL community.

Scruffy Lad later created his own IBLD website which had as its banner, the phrase: Let There Be Light. This site primarily featured his IBLD cards and was last updated in 2007 with his last two known cards. This site is unfortunately now defunct.

Each card presented below is a unique reflection of the artist's vision for International Boylove Day and his legacy to all those still young at heart....

Itemized list of known existing originals and original prints by the artist

  1. Snowman Boylover 3 prints 11X9 inches
  2. Boylove Sunset 5 prints 11X9 inches and 1 prints 4X4 inches (note: one print 11X9 is damaged with pieces cut out)
  3. Ho Ho Ho, Boys the original drawing 9X12 inches and 1 print 11X9
  4. Boylove Album 2 prints 11X9 inches
  5. Boylove Ribbon 1 print 11X9 inches
  6. King Cole 1 print 11X9 inches
  7. In memory of Aquarius 3 prints 11X9 inches and one print (possibly the original) 14X11
  8. 2 prints of an unfinished card dated 2003 11X9 inches


Scruffy Lad IBLD Background.jpg

Scruffy Lad December 1998 SnomanbL 632X510.jpg
December 1998

Snowman Boylover

Scruffy Lad 1999 Ibld99dcc 582x807.jpg
December 1999

Boylove Album

Scruffy Lad 2000 Hohohoboys2 612x861.jpg
December 2000

Ho Ho Ho, Boys

Scruffy Lad 2002 Aquarius 456x599.jpg
June 2002"

In memory of Aquarius

Scruffy Lad 2004 Ibldslide 09 518x510.jpg
Date: Unknown (Possibly: December 2004)


Scruffy Lad 2005 Ibldslide 11 418x510.jpg
Date: Unknown (Possibly June 2005)

Title: Unknown

Scruffy Lad 2007 Ibldslide 200702 418x510.jpg
December 2007

Title: Unknown

Scruffy Lad 1999 Blsunset 758x605..jpg
June 1999

Boylove Sunset

Scruffy Lad 2000 Ribbon 765x1090.jpg
June 2000

Boylove Ribbon

Scruffy Lad 2001 Kingcole 759x922.jpg
December 2001

King Cole

Scruffy Lad 2003 Ibldslide 08 418x510.jpg
Date: Unknown (Possibly: December 2003)

Title: Unknown

Scruffy Lad 2004 SurfersColors 600x568.jpg
Date: Unknown (Possibly June 2004)


Scruffy Lad 2007 Ibldslide 200701 418x430.jpg
December 2007

Title: Unknown

Additional Infomation Needed

The dates and titles of Scruffy Lad's earlier cards are well known but more information is needed on his later works.

If anyone has any of the originals of these works, please let me know at etenne@boywiki.org.

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