IBLD note and poetry contest (1999)

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Contributors to the IBLD - 1999 - MkII Note Contest:

In 1999, Etenne ran a IBLD note contest on BoyChat and SafeHaven before the winter solstice. The winners were then voted on and the following is the list of submissions:

The Winner - Echo, Let the boys shine

Let the boys shine

May they light the sky

May they be like stars glowing proudly in the night

May they live in peace

May they know no fright

May they understand our love tonight

Let the boys shine

May love be theirs

Forever they give

May we know them true

May we keep them safe

Let us celebrate

on International BoyLove Day.

First runner up - Hoby, And then I want to love some

And then I want to love some

The past, tortured nightmares,

dark voices, silent demons.

Do you see the little boy?

trapped in darkness, forbidden tears,

so cold here, so lonely, emptiness

my only friend.

So You float me, away from harm.

Days of laughter, guiding my anger.

Reaching in, you reached so far inside

of me, nursing me from the inside out,

your calmness, the strength, the

gentle you.

Nighttime falls, I reach for you,

naked touch, your fingers tracing patterns,

across the bareness of my body.

I have to close my eyes, to darkness,

but this is your warm darkness, this is safe.

and then I want to love some.

Gentle touching of the lips,

I breathe your breath, as you breathe mine.

Your soft touch against my skin, exploring,

exciting, I have to be close to you, I need to be one with you.

and then I want to love some.

Locked in love, forbidden love?

No this is our love, twisted thoughts

of those that blind themselves, they blind

themselves to me, to who I am, to my choice.

But still I want to love some.

I'm lost in our love, the rhythm of our

touching bodies, explosive feelings,

the taste of our love. They say I'm

to young to understand this, and your to

old to show, but does love understand age?

No love is ageless. so love me some.

p=[chad], IBLD Note

This candle was left here by a boylover, somebody that is attracted to minor boys I am not a monster as the media would believe, a monster is a person who doesn’t care about children, and is only interested in satisfying their own needs. I am not a monster, my love for boys is much like your own, I want them to be safe and to succeed in life the same way you do. I am willing to give all I have to a boy, without expectations go out of my way to help them, and would do anything to assure their well being.

I am not alone either, there are millions just like me around the world, we are your coworkers, friends and family members. There is a good chance that a boylover is teaching your children today, but there is nothing to fear...we only have the best of intentions, and are not out to hurt your children.

You are encouraged to learn more about boylovers by visiting http://www.ivan.net

Now would a monster allow you access to his world?

Thank you for reading, I hope you visit the site.

Sparks, IBLD Note

December 21, 1999 is International BoyLove Day

On December 21, boys all over the world will be given special attention by the men with whom they share their love. All the way from simply spending the day together to a special excursion, gift, and treats. And you may see a blue candle burning in a public place symbolizing a boy who has found the love he was searching for.

Regretfully, that candle may instead represent the host of boys who still have an empty place in their lives, and the men who would, except for the current hysteria regarding boylove, share their caring and love with those boys.

This candle, like others all over the world, was placed here by a man who has volunteered his time for youth organizations, spent time mentoring and teaching boys values, and who was there for the difficult questions of growing up. Or by a man who would gladly do these things if he were permitted.

This candle was placed here by a boylover.

You might know me from my place in history. I had many names in ancient Greece, when boylove flourished while the foundations for a free and democratic society were first being fashioned. I have existed in every society since, usually in a place of acceptance, sometimes even in a place of honor.

You also might know me personally. Today I may be your coworker, your neighbor, perhaps your personal friend.

I am a boylover. I am not a molester, an abuser, or a rapist who forces boys to submit to his physical lust. These are the false images that the media would have you believe about boylovers, but these are not me.

There is a sickness sweeping the world, a madness that has grotesquely distorted the love and caring for boys that I was born with into something criminal and repugnant. For decades now, I, and countless others like me, have quietly endured persecution and lived hidden lives.

We no longer wish to be silent, we will not allow lies and hysteria to define who we are, at long last we will speak for ourselves.

This candle is my voice as we celebrate this special day.

Dgennero, IBLD Note

May I have your attention for a minute?

I am a boylover.

I am attracted to minors.

Maybe you will think I am a monster,

someone who preys on children.

I'm not.

I don't prey on children, just as

someone who loves women doesn't rape them.

But the mass media don't report on

"planes that don't crash."

Today, on International Boylove Day,

which is celebrated twice a year

on summer and winter solstice,

we boylovers light blue candles

and leave short notes in public places.

We don't have the mass media behind us,

so we have to be creative. This particular candle I dedicate to all

boys who could use a little light in their lives,

but grow up lonely and unloved.

We boylovers could change that situation

for many a boy through our love.

Thank you for reading.



This candles burns for all children around the world. It is a celebration of the splendor of youth. We, along with you, wish to honor children, while preserving and protecting their innocence. We are not unlike you, in our love of children.

MYTH Pedophiles are only interested in sex. They stalk, rape and hurt children.

FACT Even the FBI has stated that pedophiles love children and would not intentional harm a child. There are people out there who do terrible things to children. Those people are not pedophiles.

MYTH Pedophiles are dirty old men that hang around places frequented by children, trying to lure them away.

FACT We are your neighbors, co-workers, employers, clergy, police, lawyers, doctors, congressmen, and relatives. We don’t need to seek out your children, they find us.

MYTH Pedophiles are a danger to children.

FACT Your child would be safer with a boy lover than any other person. Any one of us would take a bullet to save a child. Sure we watch children. I know of several tales of children saved at swimming pools, because WE watching, while YOU were not.

As Boy Lovers, we seek to mentor youth of all ages and backgrounds. We fill a very important niche in society by being able to relate with youth very well. We are there to fill a void that the family unit is not fulfilling. Children need a caring and compassionate adult in their lives now more than any time in history. Remember this:


They will come to us for the love and support they are not getting at home. They will come to us to talk about things you won’t allow them to talk about. They will come to us tell us things that you would punish them for.

Still don’t like us? Then stop us. You have the power. It is very easy.

Love your children unconditionally. Never spank your children. Talk to them openly and honestly about sex. Let them know they can talk to about anything, and they won’t be punished. Hug them daily, and TELL them you love them. If you don’t, someone else will. Remember:


Hooked, IBLD Note

What do Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Ludwig van Beethoven, Walt Whitman, Oscar Wilde and James M. Barrie have in common?

These men, along with many others, are boylovers. What is a boylover, you ask?

Boylovers are adults (usually men) attracted to boys. Boylove has been around since ancient Greece and probably before, and is a natural orientation just like any other. Unfortunately, it has not always met with public acceptance due to misrepresentation by the media. We would like to dissipate these false claims.


Spend much of their time mentoring boys in need of an adult figure to identify with.

Strongly condemn molestation, manipulation and rape, which are acts derived from hatred, not love.

Currently have to suffer for the actions of child abusers because society fails to see the difference between these two inherently different groups.

Please think before you fall into the trap presented to you by the media. Open your mind, and recognize that some of the people who are close to you might be boylovers.

You are welcome to read more about our cause on the internet, at http://www.freespirits.org