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BoyWiki Dictionary: Infantilization

¹ Infantilization is the treating of an adult is if he/she were a child. When directed at teenagers or adolescents, it may refer to treating them younger than their actual age. The recipient of such treatment is widely viewed as having been treated with disrespect. Such individuals may report feelings of feeling hurt and a sense of transgression akin to dehumanization.

There can be an overlap between the terms "infantilization" and "patronization", although infantilization may derive more specifically from a sense of age group or hierarchical seniority on the infantilizers part.

Infantilization may also refer to a process when a child is being treated in a manner appropriate for much younger age.[1]

The "infantilization" of adolescents in Western society

To guaranty control by parents and other authority figures over young people in Western societies (most notably in the US), young people (especially teenagers) are "infantilized" and denied their natural right to agency, especially sexual agency, just as females were until the the early- to mid-20th century.


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