Jarle Aase

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Jarle Aase is a Norwegian gay rights activist. He has written two books about his experiences loving boys younger than the limit set by society and the persecution he has experienced resulting from this. He has participated actively in the public discourse in Norway, focusing partcularly on the illegal persecution by the law enforcement community which he feels he has endured as well as lies and slander from the news media, particularly in his home town Bergen. Aase doesn't consider himself a boylover, simply that the age limit on whom one is allowed legally to pursue a relationship with is wrong.

Aase is a computer specialist. He has designed several computer applications that are available for free, perhaps most notably the "War FTP Daemon - The original free FTP server for Windows". He is also the co-author of a book on computer hardware and operating systems (published in 2004).


  • Skjønnheten, loven og sannheten ("The Beauty, the Law and the Truth"), self-published (2000) – available as free online download
  • Voldtektsløgnen : en solskinnshistorie om politi, presse, karakterdrap og en løgn ("The Rape Lie: a Sunshine Tale about Police, the Media, Character Assassination and a Lie"), self-published (2010) – available as free online download

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