John Gambril Nicholson

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John Gambril Nicholson with his lover, Alec Melling

John Gambril Francis Nicholson ( October 6, 1866 - July 1, 1931) was an English school teacher and Uranian poet. He was also an amateur photographer. He was the quintessential Uranian, forming the center of that semi-underground world, and frequently writing introductions for and receiving dedications from his peers.


  • Love in Earnest: Sonnets, Ballades, and Lyrics (London 1892)
  • A Story of Cliffe School (Bradford c.1895)
  • A Chaplet of Southernwood (Ashover [Derby] 1896)
  • In Carrington's duty-week : a private school episode (London n.d. [1910]) — Internet Archive e-book
  • A Garland of Ladslove (London 1911)
  • Romance of a Choir Boy (London 1916)
  • Opals and Pebbles (London 1928)



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