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Joseph Doucé (born feb, 13h, 1945 in Sint-Truiden, Belgium - probably died on Jul., 19th, 1990, in the Rambouillet forest) was an excommunicated Belgian baptist pastor, who achieved a degree at the then Protestant University in Amsterdam. He acquired French nationality in 1982.

Christ Redemptor's Center (Centre du Christ Libérateur)

In 1976, he founded Christ Redemptor's Center in Paris. The CRC welcomed and gave a voice to believers belonging to sexual minorities: homosexual, transsexual, sado-masochistic and pedophile people.


He set up three publishing houses, 'Lumière et Justice', Les 'Editions Walter Rauschenbush' and 'Les Editions du Libre Arbitre'. He directed the publication, at 'Lumière et Justice', of the collective works 'La question transsexuelle' (1986), 'Couples homosexuels et lesbiens : juridique et quotidien' (1987), 'La pédophilie en question' (1988) and 'Le sadomasochisme en question' (1989), as well as a French translation of Frits Bernard's pedophilic novel 'Costa Brava'.

The Doucé case

He was assassinated in yet to be established circumstances. He was kidnapped on July, 19th, 1990, and his body was found on Oct. 24th of the same year in the Rambouillet Forest.

This mysterious assassination has resulted in many speculations and innuendos[1]. According to Bernard Violet's essay 'Death of a Pastor'[2], Joseph Doucé was acquainted with pedophile magazine directors[3]. According to Doucé's friend, he was kept in check by the intelligence services[4] The inspector in charge of this intelligence operation (Jean-Marc Dufourg, head of an intelligence cell with special powers), was thought to be the assassin and was interrogated by the police ; he hired the famous lawyer Jacques Vergès. The inquiry on Dufourg wasn't conclusive, but he was thrown out of the intelligence services for another reason[5]. In Oct, 2007, Dufourg was acquitted of all charges in the assassination case[6].

The case drew a lot of media attention at the time, and journalists came back to it a few years later [7]


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