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LGBTQ+ Youth

Don't say gay laws

Anti-LGBT curriculum laws, sometimes referred to as don't say gay laws[1] or no promo homo laws,[2] are laws approved by various U.S. states that prohibit or limit the mention or discussion of homosexuality and transgender identity in public schools. In theory, these laws mainly apply to sex ed courses, but they can also be applied to other parts of the school curriculum as well as to extracurricular activities such as sports and organizations such as gay–straight alliances.[3]

Transgender youth in sports

19 U.S. States have banned transgender people from sports under their gender identity in various capacities. These states include Texas,[7] Arkansas,[8] Florida,[9] Alabama,[10] Oklahoma,[11] Kentucky,[12] Mississippi,[13] Tennessee,[14] West Virginia,[15] South Carolina,[16] Utah,[17] South Dakota,[18] Montana,[19] Iowa,[20] Arizona,[21] Idaho,[22] Indiana,[23] Louisiana,[24] and Georgia.[25] The US Department of Education has said transgender students are protected under Title IX.[26]

A solution in search of a problem
State Effected kids on day 1 of law
Texas N/A
Alabama N/A
North Carolina N/A
South Carolina 1 [27]
Kentucky 1 [27]
Tennessee 1 [27]
Idaho 0 [27]
Florida N/A
Louisiana 0 [27]
Mississippi 0 [27]
Oklahoma 0 [27]
West Virginia 0 [27]
Utah N/A
Montana N/A
Georgia N/A
Arkansas N/A
South Dakota N/A
Iowa N/A
Indiana N/A


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