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BoyWiki Dictionary: Molest (a child) (dictionary)

¹ To molest a child means to disturb or bother a child. It does not mean to rape a child.

In the early 20th century there were several cases where adolescents/children were the victims of horrible crimes, some of the crimes involving kidnapping, rape, and murder.. The men who committed those crimes were usually mentally unstable people.

As some of the victims were male, the cases involving the males tended to be played up more in the media because of the homophobia reigning at the time (which continues to this day). The crimes were considered "homosexual sex crimes" more than "child" crimes. The media made little distinction at the time.

Saner people, those with cooler heads (not, obviously, media people) decided that this was unfair and inaccurate. So a new term began to be used--the verbal phrase "to molest a child". This was to distinguish the real, violent, horrific crimes from the "crime" of diddling a child. The "molestation" (disturbing/bothering) of children was considered to be a relatively unimportant event in a young person's life, and something that did not lead to any long-term negative effects on the child (which, of course, is still true, today).

The media then changed tactics, and began to use the term "child molester" in a pejorative rather than simply descriptive manner. The media began to link the term "child molesting" with violent and horrific crimes, just as previously they had linked the term "homosexual" with violent and horrific crimes.

In the 70s and the 80s the radical third-wave feminists jumped on the bandwagon, too. They wished to demonize adult/child sexual activity.

So, today, most people (especially those born within the past 40 years) believe that "child molesters" are kidnappers, rapists, and murderers (which, in fact, child molesters very very very rarely are, especially not BoyLovers who diddle their young friends.) And the fact is that most of the so-called "child victims" of sex crimes are actually females--females who are sexually mature, who could pass for being 17 or 18 years old, and who are attacked by heterosexual men!

But those who have grown up in the past 40 years have never heard the term "child molester" used correctly, according to its original meaning. The media has brainwashed two generations of young people.

And now you know, the REST of the story!

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