My Father's Glory (film)

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My Father's Glory (film)

Year Released: 1990
MPAA Rating (USA): G
Director: Yves Robert
Starring: Philippe Caubère
Nathalie Roussel
Didier Pain

La Gloire de mon père (in English: My Father's Glory) is an autobiographical novel by Marcel Pagnol. It describes his experiences in Provence as a 10-year-old boy from the perspective of a boy of that age. It is the first book in a series, Souvenirs d'enfance (in English: Memories of Childhood).

It is also a 1990 film based on the novel and directed by Yves Robert. Its sequel is Le Château de Ma Mère. The movie is rated G and won the 1991 Golden Space Needle Award for Best Film at the Seattle International Film Festival jointly with its sequel. It contains scenes of nude boys.


The captivating story of a young turn-of-the-century French boy. As the story begins, he lives in Marseille with Joseph, his atheist, school-teacher father, Augustine, his mother, whom he feels a need to protect, Rose, his spinster aunt, and Paul, his little brother. Soon, his aunt marries an arrogant, religious woodsman, Jules. As the story continues, the family decides to go on summer holiday to Provence, and this holiday is the focus of the story. There Marcel meets a knowledgeable young boy, Lili, and becomes curious about the woods. First, he turns to his father. However, his father comes up short and Marcel finds Jules to be much more knowledgeable. Wanting to again show up Joseph, Uncle Jules invites him to go hunting. Marcel wants to go along, but is left behind. He follows them and sees his father take down two birds. He is able to recover them as proof and find his father's glory.


  • Philippe Caubère Joseph
  • Nathalie Roussel Augustine
  • Didier Pain Uncle Jules
  • Julien Ciamaca Marcel
  • Thérèse Liotard Aunt Rose
  • Joris Molinas Lili des Bellons
  • Victorien Delamare Paul
  • Paul Crauchet Edmond des Papillons

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