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Myths about pedophiles are rampant today in society, due to the phobias about sex in Western society, the repression of sexuality, and the concerted efforts of the media to demonize pedophiles (and pederasts -- which they wrongly confound with pedophiles) for their own economic gains. Sexologists will almost never publicly contradict the myths, for to do so would jeopardize their careers (many have already had their careers, as well as their personal lives, ruined for doing so). The antisexuals and sexophobics attack anyone who contradicts the received wisdom about pedophiles so strongly that the sexologists (the sexual experts) are intimidated into silence. This allows the myths to continue to be propagated without end, leading to the further demonizing of pedophiles and pederasts, their further marginalization within society, and an increase in the number of unjust laws persecuting them.

Many of the myths are based on either the behavior of psychopathic sex offenders (who are very rare), or on incestuous relationships involving force or violence (in which case, the perpetrators are almost never pedophiles).

Here is a (partial) list of the common myths about pedophiles/pederasts:

Pedophiles (and pederasts):

  • are violent and ruthless;
  • usually/always forcibly rape their unwilling "victims";
  • treat those they are attracted to simply as sexual objects, and discard them after sexually abusing them;
  • demonstrate behaviors based on the desire to dominate and exploit weak children, i.e. it is not sex or friendship they are interested in, but receiving emotional satisfaction from cruelly dominating the weak and helpless;
  • are mentally ill;
  • lack empathy for their (supposed) "victims";
  • suffer from so-called Cognitive distortion, believing that young people are interested in sexual activity which the young people are (supposedly) not at all interested in.

This is an incomplete list. Please see the external links for further information.

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