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Nazism (Abbreviation of the German word Nationalsozialismus, meaning National-Socialism) is an ideology related to Fascism, which is inherently anti-Semitist, racist, ultra-nationalist, popular, social-Darwinist, anti-communist, anti-liberal, and anti-democratic. Nazism is strongly associated with Fascism, although Nazism and Fascism are two different ideologies. Nazism sees a pure race as its main goal, while Fascism has that with the state. Fascism has nothing to do with race at all.


Early history

The most famous example of a Nazi party was the NSDAP (Nationalsocialist German Workers Party), or the Nazi party, which was founded in 1919 in the Weimar Republic (formerly Germany) as the DAP (German Workers Party). Later, Adolf Hitler became the party leader and changed the name to NSDAP. Although the NSDAP initially remained a small party, the Great Depression (1929) would change that. In 1933, Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of the Weimar Republic on behalf of the NSDAP. The Weimar Republic became a dictatorship called Nazi Germany.

Pre-war period

From 1933 to 1939 is seen as a good period for the economy of Nazi Germany. Unemployment fell drastically under Adolf Hitler. New roads were also built, more and more houses were built and a lot of money was spent on war and weapons. At the same time, the German Jews left the country as much as possible, even though other countries were strict on immigration (mainly the United States).

Second World War

In 1939 Nazi Germany invaded Poland, officially beginning World War II. Later, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, part of the Soviet Union, the Czech Republic and Hungary were added. From 1941, the Soviet Union fought back successfully. Later, Americans, Canadians and British invaded France. Later in April 1945, after the suicide of Adolf Hitler and some other Nazi leaders, Nazi Germany was officially defeated. Nazi Germany was split into West and East Germany. This also meant the end of World War II.

Left or right

Nazism is seen by most scholars as a far-right ideology, while right-wing people prefer to see it as a left-wing ideology. Arguments for the fact that Nazism is far right is mainly because of the far right view of social and cultural fields such as the extreme race laws, eugenics and stigmatization towards other people. Arguments for the fact that Nazism was more left-wing or inherently left-wing, mainly has to do with the fact that the Nazis were socialist (they aren't called National Socialists for nothing). The fact that the Nazis privatized a lot of their economy contradicts the fact that the Nazis were socialists. Yet the Nazis were very much in favor of state control of the economy, which can be seen more or less as "socialist".



Although it is well known that the Nazis sent Jews, gypsies, disabled people, political opponents and homosexuals to concentration camps, it is hardly known what the Nazis thought about pedophiles. It is well known that the Nazis sent criminals to concentration camps, but whether criminals included pedophiles is only vaguely known.


It is not really known how Nazism or Nazis look at pedophiles or how pedophiles were treated in Nazi Germany. It's just guesswork what the real Nazis of Nazi Germany thought about pedophiles. It is well known that neo-Nazis (People who follow Nazism after World War II) literally hate pedophiles. For example, the Dutch neo-Nazi party NVU (Nederlandse Volksunie) wants to introduce the death penalty for pedophiles[1].