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Niklas and friends is a series of comics and stories created by Niklas Edlund. The series revolves around the affection a boy called Niklas and his friends feel for eachother and the consequences it has in their lives.

Niklas and friends admits and celebrates romantic love between boys, and has struck a chord within the boylover community. Although there are erotic overtones, Niklas and friends contains no sex. The author intends to provide boys with such experiences with something positive to identify with, as opposed to the 'one-night-stand' sexuality of the popular media.

Cartoons are available online and in print. The second (but currently only available) printed comic book, Anything but girls!, was released in March 2005 and contains seven cartoon stories.

In 1999 or 2000, Edlund allowed Free Spirits to produce printed comic books of his series for use in fundraising. Kalos was in charge of the project. Free Spirits distributed several dozen bound Niklas comic books to contributors in appreciation for their support. Edlund was not satisified with the print quality and withdrew from the project after the first edition.

Some background

Niklas and his friends attend the Glenwood Private School For Boys.[1] His friend Keith lives with his old grandma and Jonathon lives with his aunt.[2]


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