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Norway Cup is an international football tournament held every summer in Oslo, Norway since 1972. Most games are played on Ekebergsletta, while the finals are played at Ullevaal Stadion, the biggest stadium in Oslo.

The players are aged from 10 to 19, forming 11-man teams from age 13.


In the 2006 tournament (30 July to 5 August) there were

  • 30 000 players
  • 1530 teams
  • 45 countries
  • 4400 matches
  • 350 referees and 40 observers
  • 700 media representatives from Norway and abroad
  • 1200 volunteer assistants and 400 from sponsors
  • 65 playing fields


A warning

The media has become more and more aware of the fact that Norway Cup might just be a pedophile's dream. Thus, police surveillance of the tournament (both in uniform and in civilian clothing) has intensified over the last few years. It's gotten so far that even normal, heterosexual males stay away from the area unless they are parents or coaches. As one soccer-enthusiast said, "I'd love to watch all the fun at Norway Cup, but I simply can't afford the risk."