Ole Martin Moen

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Ole Martin Moen (born April 28, 1985) is a Norwegian philosopher. His article "The ethics of pedophilia" appeared in the Nordic Journal of Applied Ethics in 2015.

"The ethics of pedophilia"

In this 2015 article Moen suggests that if harm cannot be demonstrated to be a likely result of sexual interactions between adults and very young people then society has incorrect ideas about pedophilic sexual interactions with very young people, however it has been asserted that he seems to reinforce the common myths about pedophilia.[1] Another reader finds that Moen "takes the arguments, both pro and contra and takes them apart. […] He takes a neutral position and asks good questions. Except for rape, he concludes, child-adult-sex maybe harmless, but it exposes the child to the risk of later harm. He also points out that this harm might have different causes, and even might not be intended by the adult."[2]

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