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"Opinion leadership is leadership by an active media user who interprets the meaning of media messages or content for lower-end media users. Typically the opinion leader is held in high esteem by those who accept his or her opinions. Opinion leadership comes from the theory of two-step flow of communication propounded by Paul Lazarsfeld and Elihu Katz[1] Significant developers of the theory have been Robert K. Merton, C. Wright Mills and Bernard Berelson.[2] This theory is one of several models that try to explain the diffusion of innovations, ideas, or commercial products. [1]"

Misguided, poorly informed and often homophobic opinion leaders in the US have, over the past few decades, fomented hate and hysteria towards BoyLovers, which has been rapidly spreading internationally, as well, leading to the demonization of BoyLovers around the word and the passage of draconian laws, and the denial of young people their natural right to sexual agency.


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