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Our Love Frontier is Steve Diamonds' personal blog, which contains several “sub-blogs” (themed projects, which would be blogs of their own). Some of these projects are fairly old, and are really archives. A lot of the content is new also… but, the history behind what appears here spans many, many years.[1]

In his statement of Intent, Steve Diamond says about his blog,

Very simply…I am here to just blog, and express myself as a humanist, as an atheist…and as a Child Lover…

I intend on focusing mostly on human issues, social issues…and things which I think are useful…or at least interesting.

I also intend on producing and distributing a podcast, which follows the same theme…

Under no circumstances, will I council anyone on violating current standing law…Nor will I encourage others to do such…Nor will I violate the law, myself…I am here, to be transparent…and to offer the world a true voice, from the perspective of “my side of the fence”.

I don’t expect, to see the day when things change in a meaningful way, where it comes to human and sexual rights, which affect my minority…But I damn sure do expect [and demand], to be able to talk about the everyday, real life impact which the current oppressive state imposes onto people like me. Like so many others…I have also earned the right to speak my mind, and shine the light on injustices…as well as celebrate human triumphs.

Oh!…And I am also going to share my music [such as it is], through this blog…along with bits of creative writing…and other interests.

What I do here, should not be troubling to any mentally stable mind.

Steven Tyler was once quoted as saying something along the lines…”When approaching someone of a different stance and experience, first seek to understand them…Only then, proceed.”

I hope, we can capture and keep the spirit of his wisdom on this blog.[2]


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