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A pedosexual is a neologism intended to be used as a non-biased, value-neutral term for a person whose primary sexual orientation is geared toward children, whether it be boys or girls.(See: Minor attracted person) Its definition can clearly be weighed similar to that of homosexual. Homosexuals are seldom called "homophiles" today for instance, though in the earliest days of the gay rights movement it was the term of choice. The activists of the Mattachine Society in the 1950s, probably the earliest modern homosexual rights organization, often referred to themselves as homophiles.

The proposed benefits which would arise from the use of this term are entirely dependent upon whether or not the respective communities--both the boylove community and the larger community--actually practice usage as outlined. At present, the drive to introduce the word "pedosexual" into both communities has more of the air of a deliberate movement than an assessment of existing usage. As such, it must be understood that the below-listed hypothetical advantages are in fact a prescriptive "wish list" for the use of this term and do not represent a descriptive analysis of actual usage.

A disadvantage of the proposed term would be that a large portion of boylovers who are primarily attracted to adolescents would be excluded from the group of people described as pedosexuals. This is the same problem that has caused some opposition to the term "childlover." Boylovers on the Internet are not a cohesive community in many respects but to a large degree they do not tend to separate themselves into communities of those attracted to prepubescent boys and those attracted to older boys. Coining a term that would magnify the difference between those subgroups could be seen as divisive and might have the potential to actually divide the communities if adopted.

Pedosexual vs. pedophile

The term pedophile has existed for millennia. The recent issues with the term mainly center around its modern connotation. In the 19th century, it was coined into a term for a paraphilia; a clinical mental illness. This has allowed the ideal regarding the preference, and practice, to fall into further and further negative light. With the recent turn into glamorization of severe cases of child abuse, rape, and clear cases of molestation, the term "pedophile" has become a media coin-phrase to regard all type of circumstances, whether or not they truly are pedophiliac in nature, and is felt to have cast permanent damage on the definition and connotation of the word.

Pedosexual vs. childlover/boylover/girllover

There is an ongoing controversy within the boylove/girllove communities regarding the sexual vs. non-sexual nature of the two forms of childlove. Some say that non-sexual forms of childlove are indeed possible. Arguments against that often claim that those who are non-sexual childlovers are "closeted" or "in denial".

In essence, for one to label themselves as a "childlover", and what the term means, is purely up to that individual person. It also delves into that person's own sexual make-up. The argument of asexuality also comes into play with non-sexual childlovers also comes into play.

Distinction between the terms "pedosexual" and "childlover" may help to differentiate between the two beliefs commonly held. A non-pedosexual boylover who has purely a romantic interest in children rather than bleeding into a sexual interest may have benefited by this clarification.


To be pedosexual does not necessarily mean that one acts upon their desires. It is not a legal definition casting light on the person's activities. Actually participating in sexual relations with minors can lead to criminal prosecution, prison, classification as a sex offender, or in more extreme cases, death.

Prominent attitudes toward pedosexuality

Public opinion toward child sexuality and pedosexuality differ between societies. Generally speaking, Western cultures apply tighter constraints and heavier penalties than others do. In fact, in some cultures, both present and past, multi-generational sexual relations are not only tolerated, but openly accepted.

Support communities for pedosexuals

"No man is an island" goes the saying. As with any other aspect of humanity, sharing thoughts and feelings on pedosexuality is nothing new. Organizations such as NAMBLA and other early attempts at organization and support for pedosexuals continue to thrive albeit the often negative reputation they have received among both the public and people within the pedosexual community itself. Pedosexuals who have found communities and organizations they identify with are usually more in tune and at ease with their situations. Most notably, the growth of the online boylover community in recent years have let pedosexuals develop positive conduits for releasing their frustrations, make positive common bonds, and strengthen their sense of community.

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