Peter and the Desert Riders

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Peter and the Desert Riders
Year Released: 1995
MPAA Rating (USA): Unrated
Starring: Peter Glawson

Lyric International's publications included magazines, photo sets and short films. While "Peter and the Desert Riders" features the Lyric stable of actors, including Peter Glawson, it is composed not of moving images, but a 43'03" slide show of still photographs, with transitions and instrumental music. It carries a 1995 copyright claim by "Gulf Coast Productions", suggesting that it was assembled from Slim Pfeiffer's Lyric photography, but was not produced by Lyric.

Scrolling white-on-black text at the start of the film says:

In 1968 our naturist group took a bike excursion throughout the Western United States and the Mojave Desert. I often remember these times, my friends and Slim's wonderful photographs of the trip. But my fondest memories are of those lazy, hot summer afternoons with my friends at the Quarry or on the Gulf Coast. It gives me great pleasure to share these photographs with you and to include some never-before-seen pictures from my personal album. The bold spirit of my friends is the embodiment of a time long gone by, but for me it lives forever and in the wonderful visual record of these photographs... PETER

Additional title cards are also white on black. Opening cards say, "Gulf Coast Productions Presents", "Slim Pfeiffer's", "Peter & The Desert Riders", "Featuring the timeless photography of Slim Pfeiffer". Intermediate title cards include "Desert Riders", "The Quarry", "The Mangroves", and "The Sand Dunes". A final card says, "The End / Copyright 1995, Gulf Coast Productions / All Rights Reserved".

The content shows the wide variety of Lyric's oerve: there are nude boys on bicycles, nude boys in a sandpit, nude boys in a swamp, and nude boys on a seashore. None of the images depict sexual activity, but rather simple nudity, legal at the time the pictures were taken.

Technical Quality

The movie was available some years ago on Usenet as a file with a resolution of 352x240, 29 frames per second, a runtime of 43'03", and 22k stereo sound. Assorted transitions are used between images, which are displayed for roughly 8 seconds apiece, for a total of approximately 320 photos.

Many of the photos feature Mr. Glawson, from the beginning to the end of puberty. In some he appears to be at the same age as in The Genesis Children, which would be about 1971.

Desert Riders

The "Desert Riders" part of the film is 11'20" of mostly black-and-white photos, featuring six or seven individuals, four ten-speed bicycles and a mini motorbike. Several photos show two cars, one hauling a trailer with a U-Haul logo. One image shows an adult man holding something compatible with images of vintage Super 8 and 16mm movie cameras.