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The prepubescent boy is the boy who has not reached puberty, defined for the male as the age when ejaculation of semen, and with it the capacity of-reproduction, begins. The boy ideally receives some help from older males in understandng this for some bewildering phenomenon. These are most frequently older brothers, but they also can also be teachers, camp counselors, doctors, and we must not forget priests, rabbis, and very probably Islamic religious leaders, see Bacha bazi in Afghanistan. A fascinating discovery from a southeast Asia island is the native practice of intergenerational oral sex and swallowing semen, part of becoming a man.

In the United States, until the hippies-LSD movement of the late 1960s, and only gradually changing then, it was not unusual for the boy — especially an only child or an oldest brother) to receive no advance notice of the rjaculstion, and the only help afterwards being told to keep your hands off your penis, keep them on top of the bedcovers, and save "it" (the semen?) for marriage. Alas, that was my experience, my father started my sex ed. at 16, when he invited me to talk about it. When I fi4st came, it was a surprise, but I knew exactly what it was. I may have read their The Child from Ten to Fifteen (sequel of The Child from 5 to 19).

Today (2018) the Internet, and with it the access to highly varied and free pornography, has brought the biggest jump ever in child sexual education. (Gay sex columnist Dan Savage says the Internet was invented for the purpose of circulating porn.)