Pro-pedo activists who have "become turncoats"

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To become a turncoat refers to shifting one's allegiance from one loyalty or ideal to another, by betraying or deserting an original cause and switching to the opposing side or party. In political and social history, this is distinct from being a traitor, as the switch mostly takes place under the following circumstances:

Pressuring those with pro-pedophile views

The antisexuals and sexophobes bring tremendous pressure to bear on those who express pro-pedophilia opinions.

Those who have not bent to the will of the "psych industry" propagandists have usually found themselves out of a job, if not without their careers totally destroyed. A good example is the huge outpouring of undeserved criticism directed at Judith Levine after the publication of her book, Harmful To Minors: The Perils Of Protecting Children From Sex. An even better example is the complete meltdown of the career of Susan Clancy, who lost her accredited position at a U.S. university and was forced to flee the U.S. after the publication of her book, The Trauma Myth: The Truth About the Sexual Abuse of Children -- and Its Aftermath.

The "psych industry" forces of the medical-industrial complex (similar to the Prison-industrial complex) allow absolutely no deviation from the politically correct "party line" about the Child abuse narrative and child sexual abuse.

ILGA expulsion of pro-pedo organizations

One example of an organization becoming "turncoat" is the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA), which expelled NAMBLA and three other pro-pedophile groups. This was done in a (futile) effort to placate U.S. demands (and surrender to a form of U.S. blackmail) for the expulsion of all pro-pedophile groups from the ILGA.

After the International Lesbian and Gay Association was granted consultative member status within the United Nations Economic and Social Council in 1994, the United States (including President Bill Clinton) publicly threatened to cancel its annual financial contributions of US$1 Million to the UN because ILGA had four pronouncedly pedophile activist member groups: NAMBLA, MARTIJN, US-based Project TRUTH, and German Verein für Sexuelle Gleichberechtigung (VSG, "Association for Sexual Equality"). As a result, the UN status of ILGA was suspended and ILGA expelled all four organizations in 1994 at its World Conference in New York.

The German Bundesverband Homosexualität (BVH, "National Homosexuality Association") called for international protests on ILGA for expelling these groups, in spite of the fact that BVH never before had been observed as sympathizing with pedophile activism.**ref ***

Most of the pro-pedophile groups in the USA acquiesced, but a number of representatives of European gay and lesbian organizations held a counter-revolutionary conference in Athens in July 1995. **ref - section: A New Gay Organization? ***

Even after the expulsion of the three major pro-pedophile organizations, ILGO was denied NGO status by the UN, at the insistence of the U.S. The U.S. apparently had never intended for the ILGO to ever be granted observer status, but the ILGO was cynically manipulated for the U.S.'s purpose of further marginalizing and discrediting pro-pedophile groups.

Floyd M Martinson

Floyd M Martinson, in one of his final publications before his death, renounced his long-held beliefs that unforced, uncoerced adult-child sex is usually harmless, and therefore should not be prohibited by law.

Wayne R. Dynes

We find that Wayne R. Dynes, in 2010, "changed his views" as well.

For Dynes' turncoat activity, see: "Is pedophilia ever acceptable?", originally published in Dyneslines (, Feb. 28, 2010


For a parallel, see the 1950s McCarthy-era "turncoats" to the communist cause which they had previously espoused.

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