Psych industry

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The psych industry is an informal--and possibly pejorative--term which a refers to professionals working in the "mental health" fields of psychology, psychiatry, and, to a lesser extent, social work. Some consider the psychopharmaceutical product industry (the makers of so-called "psychoactive," "psychopharmaceutical," or "psychotropic" drugs[1]) to be part of the "psych industry" due to the highly incestuous nature of their business activities relative to psychiatry (and a lesser extent, psychology). The psychopharmaceutical industry depends on prescriptions written by psychiatrists and psychologists for its survival.

The "psych industry" (in league with politicians, and the mass media) are largely responsible for BoyLovers being condemned as harshly as they currently are by society. Without the "psych industry" claiming that BoyLovers are "deviant," "disordered," etc. there would be little formalized basis for the condemnation of BoyLovers in society.


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