The Tutor (film)

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The Tutor

Year Released: 2016
MPAA Rating (USA): NR
Director: Ivan Noel
Starring: Valentino Vinco
Malena Alonso

The Tutor (AKA Burnt Knees) is Ivan Noel’s new film which was released August 2016. It is a new and harsh version of the famous novel by Henry James, Turn of the Screw. [1] [2] Fans raised $20,662 to help finance the making of this film.[3]

Director's statement (1-28-2015)

"I am Ivan Noel, film director and producer and embarking now on my 7th feature film.

Our new film 'Burnt Knees' - a new free adaptation of the 'Turn of the Screw' - shows signs of pushing technical, artistic and social boundaries a little further still.

Many of us will know the famous novel written by Henry James, and all the spin-offs it produced: films, ballet, theatre, opera, etc.

It is perhaps not accidental that this story has been remade so often. Behind the simple ghost story lies a darker look at the age-old - and otherwise rarely addressed - subject of female sexual hysteria, and the harm it causes (in the case of the novel, this so-called ‘protection’ leads to the death of the child under her care). In view of the current and damaging sexual hysteria that poisons a good portion of Western society there is perhaps no better time than now to re-address the issue: of how 'protection' of the young has lost its sense, how it has gone truly overboard, become extremist, and as such and causes a lot more harm than good.

In James' Victorian times any morally daring theme had to be treated with woolen gloves, all expressed in symbols and clever wording. We have, however, progressed since then, and gone past those 'delicate' times. Unfortunately, adaptations of the novel, so far, have not. There is, apparently, still a need to dress the themes with beautiful costumes.

No beautiful costumes in my adaptation! And plenty more 'turns' of the 'screw' in this free adaptation."[3]


Mona, a past student in child psychology, is keen to put her knowledge into practice. She attends an interview and is selected to become a full-time private tutor to two orphaned children, in some remote area of Northern Argentina.

Once there, she discovers to her astonishment two almost feral children, a boy and a girl, left to their own devices within the confine of a derelict mansion. Oblivious to their state, they are also poorly controlled by Clara the old housekeeper, who appears more prone to the bottle than to the kids' education.

Mona’s duty has become clear now: she must at all cost re-educate these 'lost souls' back to normal good values.

But, as though the children's initial resistance and Clara's apparent unwillingness to help were not enough, she soon discovers an even more urgent and serious threat to their safety: José, the ex-gardener continually appears on the grounds of the house at night, apparently searching for the boy.

Convinced the children's 'corruption' has its roots in this man, she sets out to deal with the situation firmly. Even Clara's assurance that this man died two years earlier does nothing to weaken her resolve.

This new obsession of hers blinds her to the fact that the inhabitants of the mansion appear to have other plans for her. [3]

Production stills

Malena and Valentino as Flora and Miles in "Burnt Knees"


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