Sex offender risk assessment

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A sex offender risk assessment is a process for predicting the potential for sexual re-offending. Examples of instruments used in risk assessment include static sex offender risk assessments (based on static (unchanging) risk factors, such as age at first crime); dynamic sex offender risk assessments (is the offender employed?) and juvenile sex offender risk assessments.[1]

A typical sex offender risk assessment begins by stating the patient's Name, DOB, Age, SSN, Date of Report, and Evaluator. It then provides Referral Information and lists the Source of Information (e.g. clinical interviews, in-person conversations, review of records, scales, and questionnaires). It then gives Background Information, including Family of Origin, Romantic Relationships/Children, Social, Education, Employment, Aggressive Behavior, Legal History, Adjustment to Prior Community Supervision/Institutional Adjustment, Substance Abuse, Medical, and Mental Health. It then has a section on Sexual History and Sexual Offenses. It then has a section on Assessment Behavior, including Mental Status Exam and Behavioral Observations. Then there is a section on Test Results and Interpretation. Then there is a Risk Assessment with a Diagnosis. Finally, there are Treatment Recommendations.


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