South Park (TV series)

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South Park (TV series)
Year Released: 1997
Network: Comedy Central
Genre: Animation/comedy
No. of seasons: 18
Director: Trey Parker
Matt Stone
Starring: Featuring the voices of:
Trey Parker as Stan Marsh and Eric Cartman
Matt Stone as Kyle Broflovski and Kenny McCormick


South Park is an animated adult comedy/satire about four young elementary school boys and their adventures. While often moralistic, there is no subject or taboo that the writers (Parker and Stone) seem unwilling to explore.

The show is set in in South Park, Colorado described in the show’s theme song (written and performed by Les Claypool) as a place with: "Friendly faces everywhere, humble folks without temptation!... ample parking day or night, people spouting howdy neighbor." However, the inhabitants of South Park are anything but normal. The adults of South Park are often depicted as incompetent and self-absorbed and it is up to the children to resolve the towns frequent adversities ranging from the typical to the supernatural. South Park features such characters as a transsexual school teacher (Mr/Mrs Garrison) and a number of gay characters including: Big Gay Al and Mr. Slave.

The show is renowned for its use of crude language and sexual themes. The children of South Park are often placed in sexual situations which they do not fully understand.

Main Characters

Stan Marsh: [1] is described as the voice of reason of the group. He is voiced by Trey Parker one of the shows creators .

Kyle Broflovski: [2] is Stan's best friend who is described as the most sympathetic of the group. He's also Jewish which often brings him into conflict with Eric Cartman. He is voiced by Matt Stone.

Eric Cartman: [3] (Trey Parker) is the primary antagonist. He is a fat, racist, foul-mouthed, obnoxious little boy. His hatred of Jews often brings him into conflict with Kyle.

Kenny McCormick: [4] (Matt Stone) is the poor kid of the group. During the first five seasons, his was killed off each week, in numerous ways, only to be resurrected the following week without explanation.

Cartman Joins NAMBLA: Episode no.53

First aired June 20, 2000, Eric Cartmen decides that he needs to find some friends who are more mature after having a disagreement with Stan, Kyle, and Kenny. He goes online and finds a chat room entitled “Men who like young boys”. Cartman posts a messages that he is a young boy looking for a mature friend. He is bombarded with messages. Cartman decides to meet a man with the nickname Tony316. However when the man shows up at the restaurant, he is arrested by the FBI. The following day, he makes his second attempt. Cartman meets another man, who turns out to be his schoolteacher Mr. Garrison. Again, the FBI show up and arrest him. Cartmen is confused why his new adult friends keep getting arrested. He concludes that it is a plot by his friends to prevent him from achieving his goal and he confronts them. They of course deny any involvement. Meanwhile, the members of NAMBLA go to the South Park jail to demand the release of the “political prisoners”. They explain to officer Barbrady that loving a boy is natural and has been around since ancient times. As they leave, Barbrady comments that, “wow, they have activists for everything these days”.

Cartman decides to ask the advice of Dr. Mephesto, who advises him that he should join his group called “NAMBLA” (The North American Marlon Brando Look-Alikes). He decides that is just what he is looking for and goes to find one of their meetings. When he enters the hall, all the men turn to look at him. When he announces that he is there looking for an adult friend, he is immediately made the poster child for the group. The members of NAMBLA (depicted as stereotypical sexual predators ) are shown taking suggestive photographs of Cartman under a sign saying, “ I love NAMBLA” for his poster. The group decides to hold a banquet in Cartmen’s honor and tell him to invite his friends to join them. Cartman tells Stan and Kyle that NAMBLA is giving a banquet in his honor and he is inviting his mature friends but not them. After Carman leaves, Stan and Kyle decide that they need to be more mature and should try to join NAMBLA too.

At the NAMBLA banquet, Cartman and the other boys are waiting for the festivities to begin. Stan and Kyle enter accompanied by their new adult friends.Cartman demands to know why there are there and is told they got invited too. The speaker says that, “they have finally found a city that won’t oppress us” and commends Cartman for inviting all his friends. During the speech, Kyle shouts, “this is boring, when are we going to get some action!” The speaker replies, “What a gift from god”. The members of the group give testimonials about their new partners and then have a dance.

Meanwhile, the FBI prepares to raid the meeting. They burst in to the room and demand, “Where are the children?” Everyone looks confused and the FBI discovers that they have actually raided the other NAMBLA, The North American Marlon Brando Look-Alikes. The Marlon Brando look-alikes decide to join forces with the FBI because they are angry with the other NAMBLA for stealing their Domain name. They leave in search of the other NAMBLA who have by then taken the boys to their hotel rooms to “get to know them better.” After a few moments in the rooms, all the boys run into the hallway. Stan says, “Dude, I think these guys mean to have sexual encounters with us. Let’s get the hell out of here.” The boys hear the FBI and other NAMBLA coming up the stairs and think it is more men who want to have sex with them. They run into a room to hide. A madcap chase ensues, with everyone running in and out of rooms. The members of NAMBLA are taken into custody and the leader gives a nice speech about equality but no one is convenced and they are taken away to jail. In the end, Cartmen decides his friends will mature someday.


Kenny’s parents decide that they want to have another baby. Kenny is not happy with the idea that he will lose his room and will have to take care of the new baby. He makes a number of attempts to end his mother’s pregnancy. He tries to give her morning after pills and then takes her to ride a roller-coaster but it is all in vain.

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