Statutory prostitute (dictionary)

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BoyWiki Dictionary: Statutory prostitute

¹ a person who consents to sex and subsequently seeks money from his or her sexual partner because, based on their ages, the older person technically broke the law.

1. To be considered a Statutory prostitute, the individual (typically an adolescent who cannot legally consent to sex) must have willingly engaged in a sexual relationship with a partner (who can legally consent to sex, typically a wealthy person or celebrity) and several years later seeks financial gain in the form of a court settlement. A Statutory prostitute is frequently also a Media whore.

2. A person would also be considered a Statutory prostitute if the sexual encounter with the adult accused was a fictional event.

3. A Statutory prostitute can also be an teenage prostitute seeking additional compensation.

• A young child who was forced or coerced into performing sexual acts with an adult or adolescent would not be considered a Statutory prostitute. (See Child abuse)