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Jump to: navigation, search is not working, the company has lost data, so I am removing the link, perhaps we could check next year if the company still works, but now it isnt.--Eskimo (talk) 15:28, 1 November 2015 (UTC)

Hi Eskimo. has had problems-- the filth legal authorities don't like the anonymity the service provides.

From the site:

"We are sorry! Safe-mail is not ready yet. is down for critical maintainance.

The system suffered a major storage hardware crash.

About 80% of user's data is not affected by the crash, as we already moved it to a new system during the last few months.

The rest is either to be salvaged from the crashed storage, or will be restored from the Backup system.

1. At this time we will permanently remove about 250,000 user accounts that were involved in activity which violates the Agreement and policy.

Note: Only those who violates our policy will be deleted. Most accounts are not affected.

2. Free web based registration to will not be available. Free accounts will be opened by sending a request to

3. In the near future, separate subsystems will be used for Free and Premium accounts. This will enable better service and even enable shutdown of the Free subsystem without affecting the Premium users.

4. Further information will be published."

That's how things stand at the moment. User4 (talk) 16:55, 1 November 2015 (UTC)

Safe E-mail,No javascript And Use With Tor Browser'

Posted by Randy on 2013-December-10 16:18:50, Tuesday

E-mail that is safe and secure is a problem for us, and you often see posts with questions regarding e-mail accounts that can be used by BoyLovers safely. is run by an Israeli who is in Israel, and the server appears to be in Japan, so less chance of Law Enforcement Officers having access to your account.

You can use it while browsing with Tor FireFox version, and you can use it with javascript disabled. It does not use 'cookies'. For added safety, you should open a separate account for use with each person you communicate with. It is risky to yourself and to others if you combine e-mail communications with several different people in one account.

You need to set up the account correctly. The following directions should be accurate. Let me know if I've missed a step.

Go to

  • - click on 'Sign up now'
  • - click 'Agree' on the terms of use form.
  • - put username
  • - put password
  • - re-type password
  • - enter the characters in the 'Enter the text as it is shown in the box' field.
  • -- NOTE: you may have to repeat this several times to finally make it work - be sure to put your password in the 'password' and 're-type password' fields again each time (with javascript enabled, you may not have this error - but I don't recommend enabling javascript)
  • - when it finally works, click on the continue to your account message.
  • - immediately sign out of the account
  • - you will get an error, ignore it (the error is because you don't have javascript enabled)
  • - sign in again BUT be sure to choose the 'Fast (no scripts or icons)' option from the 'Choose interface field'
  • - you may get the message that you are already signed in - click continue
  • - choose Pref from the top-right-hand choices on the screen
  • - scroll down to 'IP checks', click the 'General' just above it.
  • - choose 'Do not check IP addresses' (otherwise you will constantly get errors because Tor changes your IP address frequently)
  • - click update
  • - again click Pref
  • - scroll down to Interface, and click on it.
  • - choose the 'Fast (no scripts or icons)' (Then when you sign in, you do not have to choose the 'Fast (no scripts or icons)' - it is automatic.
  • - click update

Now you have an e-mail that you can use with the Tor browser, that functions without javascript, and should be safe.

For added protection, you should use PGP, with GPG shell (for Windows users) to encrypt your messages before sending them. I cannot explain how to set those up. Perhaps some kind poster could post a PGP-FOR-DUMMIES guide, or a link to one - one that is CLEAR AND EASY TO FOLLOW, with idiot-proof step-by-step instructions. ;-)

You Are Welcome (said now, since it is highly unlikely any 'thank you' will be posted in response to this post... ;-) ...)

-- Randy