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Unfortunately, Ipce has essentially been abandoned by its creators and supporters. At this point, there is only one genuinely active contributor to Ipce. This person is involved in web-based research of relevant articles, etc., and has introduced some very important recent additions to Ipce, including updated .PDF versions of materials formerly only available as .HTML files.

Most of the contributions by this contributor remain as yet unpublished, as Frans is now involved in other projects and seems unable to devote much time to the upkeep of Ipce.

This contributor has, unsuccessfully, attempted to have the Ipce "tech person" who installed the Drupal software improve the functionality of the Drupal software. There are some glaring problems, including the inability to classify articles more specifically, provide correct footnote functionality, use headings of various sizes, "blockquote" text, reproduce tables of data properly, and a myriad of other minor complaints. The maintainer of the Drupal software has been unresponsive (and highly combative) and apparently refuses to address these problems, though they have been brought to his attention a number of times.

Due to the limitations of the "never-quite-finished" Drupal installation, countless hours have been wasted by Frans as he attempts to prepare articles for publication using the crippled Drupal installation, which may be part of the reason the Ipce website is not regularly updated as it should be.

User4 (talk) 11:47, 5 April 2014 (CEST)