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BoyWiki Dictionary: Teen boy lover (dictionary)

¹ a person who is attracted to pubescent or post-pubescent boys.

² an ephebophile/hebephile

Homoerotic scene: Man and boy about to make love at the palaestra. Attic red-figure cup by the Brygos Painter, ca. 530–430 BC. Oxford, Ashmolean Museum, 1967.304.

A teen boy lover, or TBL, is a boylover who is primarily attracted to boys old enough to be considered teenagers. While the strictest definition of the term would mean a sexual attraction to boys from the ages of 13 to 19 inclusive, the more general connotation of the word is taken to encompass an interest in boys from puberty to the local age of consent. The clinical term for this sexual attraction is "ephebophilia".

Until the late 20th century, TBLs were considered as part of the gay community. However with the advent of the gay rights movement, TBLs' were ostracized from the gay community for political reasons[1], thus being redefined into the new supercategory of pedophiles and hebephiles known as boylove.