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ALLERS Christian Wilhelm The old hut in Spreydon 1911 550x372.jpg
Old hut in Spreydon : Chris + [???], New Zealand /Christian Wilhelm Allers. – Spreydon (New Zealand), 1911. – Pastel and charcoal drawing ; 67 × 100 cm. – (Private collection).

Christian Wilhelm Allers (August 6, 1857 – October 19, 1915) was a German painter and printmaker. In autumn 1902, there was a scandal. Several famous persons living in Capri, were accused by some Italian newspapers of homosexuality and pederasty. Some weeks later, Allers was accused, by court. Allers managed to escape before the lawsuit began, which led to a sentence of 4½ years imprisonment, pronounced in absentia. According to Tito Fiorani (Le dimore del mito, La Conchiglia, Capri 1996, pp. 23 e 24), "Allers had distinctly homosexual tendencies, and liked to surround himself with boys, whom he often used as models".