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This template is used to cite the United States Reports, which are the official record of the rulings, orders, case tables, and other proceedings of the Supreme Court of the United States. This template can be used to generate the name of a case and its citation and date or year, together with a hyperlink which, if clicked, will lead the reader to the an external website with the full text of the case. For some websites, the template can be linked to create pinpoint citations, that is, a link to a specific page within a case. For older cases (before reporting was standardized to the United States Reports in 1875), references to nominative reporters may be added; and new cases that have yet to appear in the United States Report may be referenced using their docket numbers.


Commonly used parameters
Older cases reported by nominative reporters
New cases not yet reported in the United States Reports
All available parameters

Mandatory parameters

The |volume=, |page= and |year= parameters are mandatory. If you do not wish to use the parameter names, then you must ensure that the values of these parameters appear in the template as the first, second and third parameters that do not have parameter names.

The first number of a given case citation, which is the volume of the United States Reports in which the case is found.
The second number within the citation, which is the page in the volume on which the case syllabus begins.
The year in which the decision in the case was issued.

Optional parameters

|name= and |link=
The |name= parameter is used to indicate the case name, and |link= the name of a Wikipedia article about the case. If |link= is specified, then the case name is linked to the Wikipedia article. If it is not specified, the template checks to see if there is a Wikipedia article with the same name as the case name specified using |name=. If there is one, a link to the Wikipedia article will be created automatically.
Example: {{ussc|name=Roe v. Wade|410|113|1973}}.
Result: 410 U.S. 113 (1973).
Alternatively, you can type the case name before the template instead of placing it within the template, like this:
Example: ''[[Doe v. Bolton]]'', {{ussc|volume=410|page=179|year=1973}}.
Result: Doe v. Bolton, {{{1}}} U.S. {{{2}}}.
If you do not select a source, the template creates a link to the Justia website. To select an alternative source, type one of the following:
If you have selected Wikisource as the source to link to, you must also use |casename= to indicate the name of the case as it appears on Wikisource.
Default (Justia)

{{ussc|name=Marbury v. Madison|volume=5

{{{1}}} U.S. {{{2}}}

{{ussc|name=Roe v. Wade|410|113|1973}}

410 U.S. 113 (1973)

{{ussc|name=Marbury v. Madison|source=f

{{{1}}} U.S. {{{2}}}

{{ussc|name=Roe v. Wade|source=f

410 U.S. 113 (1973)

{{ussc|name=Marbury v. Madison|source=o

{{{1}}} U.S. {{{2}}}

{{ussc|name=Roe v. Wade|source=o

410 U.S. 113 (1973)

{{ussc|name=Marbury v. Madison|source=w
|casename=Marbury v. Madison|volume=5

{{{1}}} U.S. {{{2}}}

{{ussc|name=Roe v. Wade|source=w
|casename=Marbury v. Madison|410|113|1973}}

410 U.S. 113 (1973)
|reporter= and |reporter-volume=
The |reporter= parameter is used to state the nominative reporter that published the Supreme Court's opinion being cited. When the United States Reports commenced, reports by the nominative reporters were reprinted in sequential volumes as part of the series; thus, the actual first volume of the United States Reports was Volume 91. |reporter= must be used together with |reporter-volume=, which is the number of the volume in which the case appeared. If you do not wish to use the parameter names, then you must ensure that the values of these parameters appear as the fourth and fifth parameters without parameter names in the template.
Example: {{ussc|name=Marbury v. Madison|5|103|pin=104|1803|Cranch|1}}.
Result: 5 U.S. (1 Cranch) 103, 104 (1803).
Use this parameter to provide a pinpoint citation, that is, the exact page of a case on which the text cited may be found.
Example: {{ussc|name=Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company v. Sawyer|link=Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. v. Sawyer|source=f|volume=343|page=579|pin=635|year=1952}}, (Jackson J., concurring).
Result: {{{1}}} U.S. {{{2}}}, 635, (Jackson J., concurring).
Use this parameter to cite by its docket number a new case which has not yet been assigned a volume and/or first page number in the United States Reports. By default, the template links to Justia; use |source=f to create a link to FindLaw instead. It is customary to indicate either the date or year of the case, which you can do using |date= or |year=. If you do not wish to use these parameter names, then you must ensure that the date or year value is typed like this: "|3=date".
Example: {{ussc|name=Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.|link=Burwell v. Hobby Lobby|docket=13-354|volume=573|date=June 30, 2014}}.
Result: ___ U.S. , (Docket No. 13-354).
Example: {{ussc|name=Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.|link=Burwell v. Hobby Lobby|source=f|docket=13-354|573|3=June 30, 2014}}.
Result: 573 U.S. {{{2}}} (June 30, 2014).
Use this parameter to cause the abbreviation for the United States Reports to be displayed as "US" rather than "U.S.".
Example: {{ussc|name=Illinois v. Caballes|source=o|543|405|2005|periods=no}}
Result: 543 U.S. 405 (2005)