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I don't know what is going through the minds of folks who create "templates" for "easy-to-edit" wikis, but it certainly isn't common sense.

I used to write simple programs for providing the parameters (the "switches") used by other applications, so that the user just had to answer a series of yes/no questions, and/or enter a number indicating a choice, and the program would put all the correct "switches" into the environment, and then run the application.


Expecting someone to make sense out of the kind of "template" help here in a short time is ridiculous. How come nobody does like I did - write a simple program that will create the "citation" automatically?

Just to give you an idea (I'd have to go back and look at the template to do this right, but I cannot now because my system is maxed out):


Welcome to CreateEasyCite. Please answer the following questions:

Is it a citation for a book?


Is it an article?


From a journal?


From an Encyclopedia?


Was the article signed?


Please enter last name or author:


Enter first name:


Enter published date:


Enter title of encyclopedia:

The Encyclopedia of Making Things Easy For Idiots

Enter name of article:

Dummies citation creation made easy


Done. Here is your citation:

Dummies citation creation made easy, Jones, Birdy, The Encyclopedia of Making Things Easy For Idiots, 1954 [...]

Create a new citation?


Copy citation to clipboard?


Citation copied to clipboard.

Thank you for using the share-ware version of CreateEasyCite.


So? What's so hard about that?

User4 14:38, 23 March 2014 (GMT)