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The Church of Zeus and Ganymede was formally resurrected with a website in the middle 1990s. The story of Zeus and Ganymede has been continuously a part of the literature of western civilization since the time of the ancient Greeks going back over 3000 years and it's origins can be traced back to the Minoan civilization 5000 years ago and may go back as far as the Middle Paleolithic age (30,000 years ago).


The ancient Greeks gave us democracy and ideas of personal liberty including same sex relationships. In the time before writing, they came from somewhere north of present day Greece, conquered the land and made vassals or slaves of the native Mediterranean population. With them they brought their gods, whose stories were guides to how one should and should not live one's life. For the beautiful boy, Ganymede, to be "abducted" by the chief god Zeus was an honor not a shame

Ganymede pouring Zeus a libation

Among mortal Greeks, the men as a group saw to the upbringing of the boys from the age of six or so. It was considered to be essential that the youth become strong and agile of both mind and body. Upon entering puberty it was usual for a boy to have an older male lover, who would guide the youth by noble words and example. The lad would learn philosophy and martial arts, would develop his body in the gymnasium and his mind in the academy.

The Church of Zeus and Ganymede (CZG) carries forward these ideals of the founders of western civilization, and of more recent exemplars such as Jesus and John, Hadrian and Antinous, Laurens and Hamilton.

While there are many churches, there is only one religion: striving to come into greater harmony with the Almighty (Zeus, Yahweh, God, Allah or any of the other names used by various groups over the centuries) and to achieve a greater knowledge of creation.

We human beings have a dual nature, an animal nature that comes from our DNA, and a divine nature that is infused by the Almighty in the form of our soul. A second gift that we receive from the Almighty is love. Easily recognized, it is a deep caring for the happiness and well being of someone else. In a loving relationship, each cares for the well being and happiness of the other. This gift of love from the Almighty should be honored by everyone, and no one should disparage it.

Ganymede a prince of the house of Troy, was so loved by Zeus that he changed himself into a great eagle, took the youth away and made him immortal, to be forever in his service as cup bearer. CZG celebrates loving relationships in this model.

CZG does not accept contributions or maintain a mailing list. It does not sell anything. Membership is by self selection.[1]


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