The Dangers of using VPN

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VPN (Virtual Private Networks) are privately run proxy services which claim that they will protect their user's privacy by "masking" the IP address of their users.

IP logging

Almost every VPN provider claims to either keep no logs, or to keep logs for only a very short time. This is what the VPN operators say, but there is no way to determine the truthfulness of their claims. Should they not be telling the truth, then any BoyLover using such a proxy may be exposing himself to serious risks.

VPN providers within the legal jurisdiction of the U.S. can be forced by the U.S. government (and, in complete secrecy) to maintain logs on users whom the authorities suspect may engaged in, or be connected to those who may be engaged in, any illegal activity.

VPN as "honeypots"

Some of the adversaries of BoyLove (for example, entities within governments such as the NSA in the U.S.) have virtually unlimited funds at their disposal, and can operate in complete secrecy. As VPN are often used for illegal purposes, these entities have an interest in those who are using VPN, and it is entirely reasonable to assume that some VPN have been deliberately set up to monitor illegal activity.

Exposing one's real-life identity by making payments for VPN services

Some VPN providers allow payments to be made totally anonymously, while others may not. If a BoyLover pays for VPN services by any means that is not anonymous, then his identity (and the history of his use of the VPN services) will become known to the VPN company. Any government entity with the power to serve a warrant on the company by alleging illegal activity can then:

  • know the real-life identity of the BoyLover,
  • order that his usage of the VPN be monitored

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