Uncommon Sense (e-magazine)

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Uncommon Sense was a Webmagazine published by Newgon and its contributors. It originally started life as a web-log and spin-off of the censored blogging site Game ON!, but was moved to a quarterly, on-wiki format after the establishment of forums and MediaWiki on the domain.

Life as a blog

Uncommon Sense garnered 59 posts and 424 comments during its time as a running web-log.

The most frequent contributors were Juan-Gonzalez Llort, Steve Diamond and Strato. A full list can be found on the site itself.

Regular features

  • Editorials
  • State of the movement
  • News Digest
  • Letters to the Editor
  • On the forums
  • This 3 months in anti-pedophilia
  • Links and recommended reading


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