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Etenne's IBLD Page ca.2002

Hello and welcome to my page. I am one of the curators of the English Boywiki. I began working on BoyWiki August 16, 2012.

I have been involved with the Free Spirits community and BoyChat since 1996. Some of my former projects include:

You can contact me at:

Origin of my nick

Etenne's interview from WEIRD Radio about BoyWiki from March 26, 2016

Somewhere around 1993 or 94, I got my first real computer a 486 (other then the Commodore Vic20 I had in the 80's). One of first ISP's that I used came with their own software package which included an IRC client (Internet relay chat). I had no idea how to use it and it took me a couple weeks even to learn how to join a channel. The IRC client would not accept Etienne as a nick, I don't remember if it was because someone was already using that nick or if it was a matter of the client only taking 6 letter names. (it was a real piece of trash client). On this particular IRC client, it had a field to type in your nick on the top of the log in screen. I suppose I tried some variations on Etienne until I found one that worked and signed on as Etenne. When I shut down, the IRC client saved that nick and every time I used it afterwords, I was signed-in as Etenne. It didn't take to too long after that I upgraded to Mirc. (a better IRC client) But by that time, a number of people I had been chatting with knew me as Etenne so I kept that as a nick.

Fast forward a few years to the first night I decided to make my very first post to BoyChat. It was May 1996, on the very last night that Jongen was BoyChat's webmaster before Sean007 took over. I had been lurking since the very beginning, having found Kasper's Free Spirit site several months before he had set up BoyChat. I remember that night quite clearly and no one on BoyChat was sure or not if that was going to be the end of BoyChat that night. I knew I had to at least make my presence known and say hello to these marvelous people. So when I made my very first post, I simply used the nick that I had been using on IRC and I have been Etenne on BoyChat ever since.

My philosophy as curator of BoyWiki in English

I do not want people to think of BoyWiki as only an encyclopedia. That's Wikipedia's thing and we will never be able to compete with that and it's too limited. I see BoyWiki as an innovative and dynamic resource. One that can become the center/hub of the boylove news and information. I envision that someday... boylovers will come to BoyWiki daily to read the news at Portal:Boylove News Channel or perhaps one day have an online magazine too, that and a lot more that I haven't thought of yet.

BoyWiki is a place to preserve our unique history, culture, and heritage. It is the archive of our experience as boylovers.

I support
sexual and gender minority youth

(Not necessarily the adults)