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This article is about the web site by Kasper. For other uses, see Free Spirits (disambiguation).

Free Spirits was a pioneering boylove web site created by Kasper in 1995. The site featured essays, a picture gallery (a collections of tasteful photography), as well as links to other boylove related sites. It was one of a handful of sites on the early World Wide Web that promoted a positive view of boylove. The main page had several images of boys including one that was entitled, "barefoot boy", as well as links to the various sub-pages. One of the early problems with Kasper's Free Spirits was that the web host (service provider) gave websites a "hit limit", once that limit was reached the site would then be locked out until the next day. As the site grew in popularity, it began to reach this limit earlier and earlier in the day.

On 29 December 1995, Kasper created an experimental message board on his site. The board, called BoyChat, was an immediate success The origional URL was, from 12/95-3/96. The logo read, "BoyChat, General discussion of boys and what wondrous creatures they are". Kasper soon passed the fledgling board on to Jongen in March 1996 for hosting on the newly created, as BoyChat greatly exasperated the problem with the hit count limit. Because of BoyChat's popularity, the site would frequently exceed the limit and be locked out within hours and remain locked out until the next day. As Kasper himself put it,

Posted by Kasper on November 27, 1996 at 20:09:03 (cont'd):

This popularity was far beyond expectation and was wreaking havoc with my daily web traffic quota's, my account just couldn't handle the traffic BoyChat was creating so the time came to search for a new server. From memory I managed to host BoyChat until late March when the great jongen volunteered to take over. We moved BC over to his newly formed '' server and we were away again. BoyChat stayed with jongen for a little while but became too intensive and now jongen was looking for someone else to take over.[1]

Kasper's Free Spirits continued to operate until August 1996 however BoyChat is still an immensely popular site and reached it's 20-year-anniversery on December 29, 2015. The boylover organization Free Spirits was named in honor of Kasper's innovative efforts.


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