2005 Free Spirits fundraiser

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2005 Fundraiser pledges
in United States Dollars
Resource Pledges
BoyChat 13,545
BoyWiki 177
El Castillo Azul 140
Jongensforum 285
La Garçonièrre 566
LifeLine 287

2005 was the tenth operating year of BoyChat and the community that grew out of it. The continued existence of the resources that grew around and alongside BoyChat and eventually gave rise to Free Spirits is a tremendous achievement that the entire community can be proud of. However, 2005 also saw new challenges facing Free Spirits and its various satellite and affiliated resources. Popularity had taken its toll on the Free Spirits server which runs 24 hours a day, and a fundraiser like one never before attempted was planned to accumulate enough donations for equipment upgrades.

To help ensure the continued operation of Free Spirits in the face of server problems, the 2005 Free Spirits fundraiser was held a month early, with all Free Spirits resources pitching in.

On 9 September 2005, the 2005 Free Spirits fundraiser kicked off with the first donation from former BoyChat webmaster Curtis.

Fundraising efforts

Most Free Spirits resources ran their own events to raise money for the fundraiser. TPKA Connor was installed as Free Spirits Fundraiser and charged with coordinating fundraising efforts across all Free Spirits resources.

Officially, Free Spirits raised $15,000--surpassing its goal of $12,000 for the event. But in actuality, not all resources reported every one of their pledges on the contributions page, and therefore were not counted in the official figure.


BoyChat continued with the favorite tradition of the BoyChat Write-A-Thon for the third year in a row, with the added twist of a full Art-A-Thon. With this event, posters were encouraged to write short stories or poems, record music or submit photos of original artwork and submit them to the BoyChat Fundraiser. As certain pledge milestones were passed, more material was released for public viewing.

There was also a limerick contest and a pool run by the BC Statmaster to guess the most frequent poster in August, and many other challenges. Details are available at 2005 BoyChat Arts Festival.

TPKA fntm served as the volunteer BC Fundraiser, and coordinated the event with the assistance of the BoyChat webmaster and the cogs.

  • BoyChat raised $13,545.


BoyWiki solicited sponsors for new articles and improved exisiting ones. Two users stepped forward to sponsor bounties on various types of articles and on new user registrations. Details are available at BoyWiki:Site_support.

  • BoyWiki raised $177.

El Castillo Azul

El Castillo Azul encouraged its readers to donate to Free Spirits.

  • El Castillo Azul raised $140.


Jongensforum encouraged its readers to donate to Free Spirits.

  • Jongensforum raised $285.

La Garçonnière

La Garçonnière encouraged its readers to donate to Free Spirits. They installed a meter on their main index, which progressively revealed donated artwork as LG pledges rose.

  • La Garçonnière raised $566.


LifeLine Chat held a marathon chat on Saturday, 10 September 2005 and encouraged its visitors to donate to Free Spirits.

  • LifeLine raised $287.

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