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BoyWrite (or BW) is a message board dedicated to fictional works related to boylove. Submissions may include poetry or prose. The main advantages of this board over general-purpose message boards is that works will stay on the main index for a much longer period of time, and that readers will often offer critical advice.


BoyWrite was originally created and hosted by Bristol, who also ran the Freedom Board. In 1997 during the Digiweb hosting crisis, BoyWrite lost its host and faced extinction. The BoyChat poster tj was very fond of the board and in his position as a Free Spirits Committee member he worked to archive the site and to restore it as a Free Spirits resource being assisted by another FSC member, Bonzo, who later became webmaster. While tj was never technically the webmaster of BW, he often acted in that role until Bonzo formally took the job in 1998.

During one of Free Spirit's many server dislocations of the era, the bodies of and some entire posts to BW were lost. Later, as webmaster, Bonzo had a policy of only retaining the original post and removing the replies before placing posts into the archives. There is also a gap in the archives between March and May 2000 where it is thought that BoyWrite may have been closed down during a change of the posting script. These events have left the BoyWrite archives somewhat chaotic and disorganized but BoyWrite is only one of few Free Spirits resources to have extensive archives available to the public going back to the beginning of the board.

In 1999 there were several changes implemented to BoyWrite. Peter Quint designed the BLume logo that is still used today and the posting script was upgraded twice with changes that Bonzo had made.

Kabouter took over as webmaster in May 2000 announcing the return of BoyWrite and the incorporation of the new posting script. Other than The Great Outage, events on the board were rather quiet the next few years with a remodel of the main index in early 2001.

The current webmaster is The Fear Dragon, who succeeded Kabouter in November 2005. TFD authorized another remodel of the main index in March of the same year.

List of BoyWrite Webmasters

  1. Bristol (April 1996 - ?August 1997)
  2. Camper and ?Brain (August 1997 - ?March 1998)
  3. Bonzo (?March 1998 - ?May 2000)
  4. Kabouter (May 2000 - September 2005)
  5. The Fear Dragon (November 2005 - ?)
  6. Kabouter (July 2013 - present)

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