2015 Free Spirits fundraiser

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2015 Free Spirits fundraiser began on 1-17-2015. Highlighting two decades of BoyLove online, the Free Spirits Council (FSCo) is announcing the Free Spirits 20th Anniversary Fundraiser to ensure the continued online presence of Free Spirits resources.

The FSCo is capable of processing anonymous donations in BitCoin and several different currencies via postal services. More information about the fundraiser can be found by visiting the fundraising venue at https://fsco.freespirits.info/fundraiser/ Free Spirits resources are dependent on selfless contributions made by individual participants. Please help BoyWiki and other Free Spirits resources survive another year by submitting your pledge details and making your contribution.

Funding update. Goal amount €4000
as of March 13, 2015 [1]
Countries Pledged amounts Received amounts
Aus/NZ = $700.00 $600.00
EU/DE = €2211.00 €221.00
N America = $605.00 $410.00
Canada= $120.00 $120.00
UK = £10.00 £10.00
Bitcoin = 11.11570000 1.11570000
Total amounts

Fundraiser banners

English BoyWiki banner
French BoyWiki banner