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Free Spirits Council (or FSCo) was formed in September of 2013 to replace the now defunct Free Spirits Committee.


At the end of May/beginning of June, 2013, it came to light that Free Spirits was over a year behind in paying its hosting costs to its web host. The web host gave the FSC an ultimatum to either pay its bills on time or they were going to "pull the plug". No response was made by the FSC whose ranks had dwindled down to just three members, all of whom were technical support. An ad hoc committee was put together to resolve the crisis. Starting in mid-June, the 2013 Free Spirits fundraiser was held and raised enough money to pay what Free Spirits owed and to finance Free Spirits through 2014.

Following the 2013 Free Spirits fundraiser, a number of discussions were held, both formally and informally, between the volunteers of the various Free Spirits resources and the remaining members of the FSC. The proposition was put forth that Free Spirits should be managed by not only by the technicians but by a combination of those with technical expertise and administrative and management skills. Out of those discussions, a new committee was formed and chose the name "The Free Spirits Council" to differentiate it from the "Free Spirits Committee", which was no longer functioning in any other capacity than to maintain the existing Free Spirits servers and software.

Mission statement

  • The Mission statement is still under discussion and subject to change.

The Purpose

The primary purpose of Free Spirits, its venue, and other Free Spirits Resources is to provide activists, authors, journalists, professionals, officials and protestors a place to organize and state their facts, express their opinions, and present their arguments concerning the complex and controvesial subject of BoyLove.

The Content

The content, including Editorials and/or Newsletters, published by any Free Spirits Resource is created by its collective community of participating authors, interest groups, and other interested parties.

The Editorial Team(s)

The Editorial Team of each Free Spirits Resource is a group of highly dedicated volunteers chosen from among current Resource participants. Their staff is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Resource's Web site and the content of its publications in accordance with Free Spirits traditions and guidelines.

The Tech Team

The Tech Team is a group of qualified volunteers selected from current Free Spirits Council Members. This team is responsible for maintaining and upgrading the Free Spirits servers and software.

The Domain Owner

The Free Spirits Domain Owner is the collective group of current Free Spirits Council Members, however, the domain and server registration information is maintained by the Chief Administrator.

The Costs

The Free Spirits Web site and other Free Spirits Resources and their publications are produced entirely by volunteers. Expenses are kept to an absolute minimum and expenditures are covered by selfless, tax-paid contributions from Free Spirits Council members and Free Spirits Resource participants.

About the Free Spirits Council (FSCo)

The Free Spirits Council (FSCo) is a loose fellowship of volunteers sharing their knowledge, skills, experience, and other strengths. The primary function of the FSCo is to maintain Web hosting space for Free Spirits Resources.

The FSCo is not allied with any religious belief, political group, media organization, or any other public, private or government institution and does not wish to engage in any controversy.

In accordance with our long-held traditions, the Free Spirits Council:

Is autonomous and entirely self-supported through our own selfless contributions
Neither endorses or opposes any cause other than its stated own
Has no opinion on issues outside the scope of free speech
Does not endorse, finance, or lend the Free Spirits name to any related facility or outside enterprise
Does not release the name or contact information of any FSCo member, Resource Operator or Participant
Respects the autonomy of Free Spirits resource groups and participants

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